Friday, August 22, 2008

G Man's top four games that should be made into movies

With the up-coming "Max Payne" movie coming out, I think I should make My top four
games that I think they should make. I'm only doing four because there's not many games
that have good storys that could lend themselves to a movie. Okay, let's get started!

4:"Ratchet & Clank"

In case you don't know what the plot of the "Ratchet & Clank" series, I'll
tell you. It's a space comedy about a mechanic called "Ratchet"(He's a
member of a fictional race known as the "Lombax") & His robot side
kick, clank, stopping villains from taking over the universe & crap like
that. The only reason why I kept playing them is because of the comedy,
witch means it could be a great comedy movie. It could be the "Buckaroo Banzai"
of our time ( & yes, I mean that as a good thing)! Besides, even if
it bombs at the box office, it's defiantly got the makings of an instant cult
classic ( if you know Me well, you should know that I'm a sucker for cult

3:"Jak & Daxter"

The ONLY reason why I kept playing the "Jak & Daxter" games
is the story. The story's to complicated to explain. See plot
description here.

2:"Uncharted- Drake's Fortune"
The plot of "Uncharted" is about Nathan Drake ( yes, he's a
decedent of Sir Francis Drake) looking for the treasure
of Sir Francis Drake & along the way, the main characters
meet up with pirates who also want the treasure. In other words,
it's pretty much a modern day "Indiana Jones". This could
make a good movie because it doesn't just have action, it
has well written characters that could save it from being
another crappy video game movie.

1: "Sly Cooper- The Motion Picture"
In 2002, Sucker Punch won the game award for "Best New
Game Character" for Sly Cooper. What's "Sly Cooper"? I'll
tell you. Born into a family of thieves, the Cooper clan keep
there secrets of stealing in ancient book, the thievius raccoonus.
When Sly turns eight years old, a gang attacks & kills his
parents. The gang then takes the thievius racconus. Sly is
then sent to an orphanage where he meets his soon-to-be
life long friends, Bentley & Murray. Ten years later, Sly &
his friends decide to take back the thievius raccoonus &
avenge his family's death all while avoiding interpol.
In other words, it would be a children's film with mild
crime thriller elements, pretty original. The main reason
it should be made into movie is because of the well written
characters. Sucker Punch has a gift for well written characters.

That's about it, see ya.

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