Monday, November 23, 2009

Announcements: 11/23/09

Wow! It's been a while since I last posted here! Now, I've got three four to say, so here it goes.

First, my review of "A Christmas Carol" starring Jim Carrey.

If you’ve ever read the book, or watched any movies based off of the book, then it’s pointless explaining the plot, so I’m just gonna get to the review.

First, the animation is really good. The voice acting is also pretty good, & I’m glad that they didn’t dumb the film down by making the characters talk like people today; the way people speak in the film is really old fashion.

However, I feel that the 3-D was useless, & only a few scenes took advantage of the Real-D 3-D. And while Jim Carrey is good as the role of Scrooge, he isn’t as good as Patrick Stewart, George C. Scott, or Alastair Sim, in other adaptations. Also, there not much new or innovative with this version (but considering how we have a modern re-telling with Bill Murray, & a Muppet adaptation, I'd say we've ran out of ideas for the story anyway).

Overall, it’s worth seeing, but see it under matinĂ©e price, because you know what you're gonna get. It'll also probably get a G-MAN Award nomination for Best Animated Film.

Final score: 7 / 10

Also, on October 26th, I finally got a PS3! That kind of explains why I've been absent recently.

Third, I got inFamous & Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Expect reviews of both games in the near future.

And fourth, as you might know, both inFamous & Uncharted are being made into movies, with Spider-man & X-men producer, Avi Arad, behind both of them. I'm looking foreword to both of films (particularly Uncharted, considering that it almost is a movie to begin with, so it's only logical making it into a movie). And recently, on the Sucker Punch forums, the users & I have been brain storming casting (and, for Uncharted, director & composer) suggestions for the films. There have been interesting ideas, & some time in the future, I'll post casting ideas for both films.

So, I'm not abandoning the blog, I'm just taking a break. Goodbye.

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