Thursday, July 31, 2008


If You liked My "Sly cooper" game reviews, I won't be able to review "infamous"
It's because I don't have a PS3. Sorry.

Movie list problem

I have noticed that on My list, "First Blood" won't show up on IMDB if You
click on it. Don't worry, it still gos to IMDB, so just look up "First Blood"
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G man's top ten favorite movies

10: Lethal Weapon (1987)
9: Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)
8: First Blood (1982)
7: Tim Burton's "Batman" (1989)
6: Superman: The Movie (1978)
5: The Dark Knight (2008)
4: Some Like it Hot (1959)
3: Dirty Harry (1971)
2: Rocky (1976)
1: Dr. Strangelove (1964)

G man reviews "The Dark Knight"

When I first saw the trailer for "The Dark Knight", I was pretty excited. I
wasn't excited as most, but I was excited. Now , I have
finally seen it & it was worth the hype all right!

STORY: The story takes place a year after "Batman Begins".
Batman is now up against a terrorist known as "The Joker".
There is more than that in the story, Harvey Dent is running
for Gotham City's DA for example. One complaint about the
film is that it's too long, I thought it went by really quickly.
Heath Ledger's "Joker" is amazing. Joker's evil to the point
to where He's satanic.

Great story
Keeps you interested through the whole thing
Great acting
Thrilling soundtrack

None at all!

OVER ALL: I was amazed by this film. It's better than Richard
Donner's "Superman". It's the best superhero movie I have ever
seen & I have already seen it twice in the theater! It is, dare I
say it, worthy of a best picture nomination! Should it win? Well,
that depends on what it's competing against. But what ever it's
competing against, those movies will have to do a really good
job. Although despite all the action figures, don't take kids under
thirteen years to see this film, it's too intense for kids under thirteen.
I give "The Dark Knight" a "Perfect Ten out of Ten"!

G man's top five favorite games

5: Time splitters : Future perfect
4: Sly Cooper & The Thievius Racoonus
3:Mercenaries : Playground of Destruction
1:Sly 2:Band of Thieves

G man reviews "Sly 2:Band of Thieves"

Two years after "Sly Cooper", Sucker Punch Released "Sly 2".

STORY: The takes place two years after "Sly 1", (Some people, including Me, believe that
"Sly 1" takes place 1987, the second game in 1989 & the third in 1990.) When Sly finds out
that Clockwerk, the evil robot owl who killed Sly's parents, wasn't destroyed. Instead,
Clockwerk is in parts & Sly needs to destroy the parts before Clockwerk is re-assembled.
In this game, Bentley & Murray are now playable & are now more important to the
story. But when Sly finds out that the Klaw gang has stolen the parts, He needs to
get the parts back & destroy them. The story is the best of the trilogy & has a lot of
plot twists.

Well written story
Great art design
Great plot twists
Interesting characters

None at all!

GAME PLAY: This time around, You''ll explore hub worlds & need to rely on You're
team mates for certain missions. Sly is the stealth guy, Bentley does the explosives &
hacking & Murray is the brawler. Each character is different enough that it won't
feel repetitive.

OVER ALL : This is My favorite game ever. Buy it! You won't be disappointed.
I give it a "perfect ten out of ten ".

G man reviews "Sly Cooper & the Thievius Racoonus"

In 2002, Sucker Punch released "Sly Cooper" for the PS2. With "Infamous" coming out,
I may as well review the game that made Sucker Punch famous.

The story involves an eighteen year old raccoon thief named "Sly Cooper". At eight years
of age, His parents are murdered by the fiendish Five. The murderers also steal the Cooper
family's most prized possession, the thievius Racoonus , the Fiendish Five split it into five
parts & go across the world. Sly is then sent to the orphanage where He metes Bentley the
turtle & Murray the hippo. When Sly turns eighteen, He & His friends set out take back the
Thievius Racoonus & avenging His parents' death all while avoiding interpol.

Fun to play & easy to play
Great art design
Catchy music

Too short
The mini games suck
Some of the music can be annoying

"But G man", You may ask, "That's all good, but is the game play any good?" Well, yeah, it
is. The game play is pretty simple, You just go in, get a key to continue & get out of the
level. Pretty simple. There's a racing mini game ( it sucks), a shooting stage & a hand
full of other mini games. Although, the game itself can get a little repetitive. Now, the
graphics where amazing when this first came out, but they haven't aged well. Another
thing about the design is that the music sucks. But despite all of that, the game is still
pretty fun. I give it a "Great Eight out of Ten".

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