Saturday, October 25, 2008


To day is the thirtieth anniversary of John Carpenter's "HALLOWEEN". Is this horror classic still as good as it was back on October 25th, 1978?

"Halloween" begins with six-year-old Michael Myers killing his older sister. He's instantly discovered by his parents & is then sent to a mental institution. Fifteen years later, 1978, Michael escapes to continue his killing spree. Meanwhile, he's being pursued by Dr. Sam Loomis
(Donald Pleasence).

One thing that's really great about this movie is that it grabs You're interest nearly three minutes into the film (which many movies fail to get interested at all). Another thing that's great is the cinematography, the cinematography in this film is near perfect. What's also something important to point out in this film is that there's little-to-no blood, the film uses suspense, atmosphere & spine chilling music (composed by Carpenter himself) to scare You, which shows how good a director John Carpenter really is.

The acting is another thing to point out, but I'll just mention the two main characters. First, Donald Peasence is GREAT as Dr. Loomis (Micheal Myers' doctor). Pleasence always has the best lines in the whole movie. Jamie Lee Curtis is also pretty good, You defiantly under stand her character (Laurie Strode).

Now, I would like mention some of the flaws of this film (there might be some spoilers). First, Donald Pleasence is, with out a doubt, the best actor in the movie, but doesn't get enough scenes (actually, there where a few times when I watched the movie & forgot all about Dr. Loomis). The second flaw (SPOILERS!!!!) is that they fake out way to many times. How? They keep "killing" Micheal Myers & he keeps getting back up. The stab him in the neck with a knitting tool, they stab him in the eye with a coat hanger, they stab him in the neck with a butcher knife, they shoot him six times, he falls out a window & finally, he runs off, leaving the audience with a cliff hanger.

Keeps You interested through the whole movie
Great acting
Great Atmosphere
Great music
Great directorial decisions
No blood or guts

Donald Pleasence isn't in the movie enough
To many fake outs

OVERALL: This & "ROCKY" are two examples of how You don't need an over blown budget to make a great film. It's clear that this film was made people who really love films & film making. So, yes, it is still a great movie after thirty years. Happy Halloween!

G-MAN gives "HALLOWEEN" an "Awesome Nine" out of Ten.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

G-MAN reviews "Max Payne"

I've finally seen "Max Payne", & is it good? Yep, I'd say it's worth theater admission.
The story involves detective Max Payne trying to find & kill the people responsible for killing his family. Now, the first thing You'll notice about this film is that it's a very visually stunning piece film. You might ask: "Is "Max Payne" based on some under ground comic book?" You can easily imagine the story boards for this film. And the answer for the question earlier is "no", "Max Payne" is based off a hit video game. Mark Wahlberg does a good job playing the title role. I would also like to compliment the director, John Moore. I think this movie reaches the quality of Death Wish. Now, You may read "OVERALL", because I'm complement the ending & it may have some minor spoilers. What I liked about the ending (the very end) is that there's two ways it could end, it's up to You're imagination.

More of a detective film than a "shoot-em-up"
Nice plot twists, interesting story & a good twist on the old "Death Wish" style plot line
Good acting
Great art design

Just not perfect

OVERALL: ignore what the critics say (except for Me). This movie is actually worth You're time. Let's just hope they don't make sequel, it would do no justice to the original.
I give "Max Payne" a "Great Eight" out of "Ten".

Monday, October 20, 2008

"inFAMOUS" is on GT countdown's most anticipated games of TGS!

The title says it all. "inFAMOUS" is at number seven of the most anticipated games of the Tokyo Game Show.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

G-Man reviews "Fog Warning"

In early June of 2008, I went to see a test screening of "Fog Warning". Now, because it was
a test screening, if it's released, it may bay have been changed a lot, but I'm telling You how
bad it was. (SPOILER ALERT!!!!)

The plot's back story is that a series of gruesome murders have been plaguing a small town. Bodies are found & seem to have had all the blood sucked out of them, so people suspect it's
a vampire. That's just the back story, the film is really about three men who kidnap a woman
who they think is a vampire. Until she confesses that she's a vampire or proves it by drinking
goat blood, they won't let her go.

The first problem comes only a few minutes in the movie. Cuyle carvin's character tries to
attack a girl who was in a car crash. You look at him & think he might be the leading man,
but he's a type of character that you'd categorize as a villain. I have to admit, he's good at
acting, but his character is dreadfully written. Later, the film introduces Ronny, the
manager working at a comic book store. He gets the impression that a woman named Anna
is the alleged vampire. We then find out why the film's called "Fog Warning", because
Anna's favorite painting is the painting "Fog warning". And as you probably assumed,
it has nothing to do with basic story. At some point, Ronny sends a thirteen year old
girl to investigate Anna's house, where she finds blood samples (she thinks it's because
Anna's a vampire). What I was wondering here is "how the hell did the kid break in
with out setting off an alarm?!?", and they never explain it. Actually, the kid just vanishes
from the film. They never mention it again. Later Anna is captured by Ronny (this is
what I was talking about earlier). Another problem I would like to mention is that
there's a scene with a Jehovah's witness, but there's only one Jehovah's witness, not two.
They always go in teams of two. Also, they kill the Jehovah's witness & try to feed him to Anna, but she refuses. The problem here is that after that scene, the corpse is gone & they NEVER explain it!

Something else that bugs Me is that Anna has a dream & describes what happened in the dream. Apparently, people are bowing down to her & then they all burn (or something close to that), but they never follow it up, making it pointless (this movie is pointless!). At first, I thought this dream was meant to be an omen, I was thinking "is this an apocalyptic film?", like possibly the film ends with apocalypse, but no.

You know what, I'm going to save You all the pain & wrap this review up, other wise I'll be reviewing this movie for months.

Cuyle Carvin's acting

Everything else

This movie redefines "bad". It's awful! I'll be amazed if it makes to be a direct-to-video release! If this movie is ever released (big fat "IF"!), avoid it. Sure, there was good acting from Carvin & I'll admit, the film had potential to be good, & I find it obvious that the film makers had a lot of ambition when they were making it, but the final product was just a waste of film.

G-MAN gives "Fog Warning" an "Awful One" out of Ten.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


If You remember My "top three movies to keep an eye on", You might remember that I put
"An American Carol" on the list. Sadly, I can't see it until it's on DVD, because the jerks
running the local theater won't allow anti-liberal films in there theater . So the
"American Carol" review has been canceled ( or at least until it's on DVD).

Now, I also won't be able to watch & review "Eagle Eye", because I've got a lot of things
to do.

Now, I will be able to review "Max Payne". I'm pretty excited for it.

If I can find it a local video store, I might be able to review John Carpenter's "Halloween".
But that's only if I can find at a video store, available for rent. It only makes sense, because
of it being October.

Sorry for taking a while, I've got lots of thing to do, hanging out with
friends, writing two screenplays, blogging, watching movies & reviewing movies. Good bye.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Holding Out For A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler

No, I'm not brining back "Music Video of the Week", but I'm putting this video I found just
because it's SO cheesy, that I had to put it up. Enjoy ( or at least try to).