Friday, June 5, 2009

G-MAN reviews "Star Trek" & "UP"

I haven't been updating very often recently (due to health reasons), so to make it up to all of my readers, I'll review two movies in one post. I'm gonna have to make both reviews very short, because I'm very busy. Here's the "Star Trek" review.

As you probably know, this new Star Trek movie is a reboot of the original series, & it's about James T. Kirk, Spock, & others starting out in star fleet. But that's just the back story, the main plot involves the Romulan, Captain Nero, coming back in time to prevent the destruction of his home planet, as well as trying to seek revenge before his planet's destruction even takes place.
Now, it's up to the enterprse crew to stop him.

When I went to see J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" reboot, I decided NOT to do a recap of the original series. I felt that if it's a good movie, it should appeal to people with little-to-no knowledge of the original series. And, despite not being an expert on "Star Trek", I loved this movie. The characters were well developed, the story was interesting, & the special effects were some of the best effects I've seen this year.

8 / 10

Pixar's "UP" is about Carl Fredricksen, an old widower, who, in honor of his wife, ties balloons to house & fly to South America (his wife's dream was to move to South America). Although, a cub scout named Russell stows away in the house as it flies off, thus leaving Carl stuck with the kid. When they get there, that's when the film really gets entertaining (particularly the talking dogs).

Over all, this was another great animated movie from Pixar. The story was well written, the characters are equally well written, the animation was good, & the 3-D was pretty well done. Though I still like Neil Gaiman's "Coraline" a tad bit more, this is still worth going to the theater to see it.

9 / 10

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

G-MAN's soap box: "UP" is the kid's version of "GRAN TORINO"

I recently got back from seeing Pixar's "UP" (which I'll review soon), & when I was reading Cinematical, there was an article comparing "UP" & "Wall-E". My reaction was; "if anything, they should be comparing this to Clint Eastwood's GRAN TORINO". How? Easy. It starts out with an old guy's wife dying, he becomes the neighbor hood grouch, meets a kid (not like a teenager, as in a little kid), & at the end, the old guy lightens up (only the ending here isn't tragic).

IN CLOSING: As you might of guessed, I did this out of boredom. That, & I haven't seen anyone compare this to "GRAN TORINO", even though I find the similarities painfully obvious. Well, that's about it.

This is "The G-MAN" signing out!