Wednesday, July 22, 2009

G-MAN reviews "Harry Potter 6" (VERY short review)

Before starting, I'm gonna warn you that this is going to be a rather short review. I'm extremely busy this summer, so don't expect to me to be posting a lot of articles as often as I usually do.

"Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince" is the sixth installment of the highly successful Harry Potter film franchise. As the young wizard-in-training, Harry Potter, goes through his sixth year at Hogwarts, the Death Eaters (the followers of Voldemort) send out Draco Malfoy (a student of Hogwarts) to kill Hogwarts headmaster, Albus Dumbeldore.
Meanwhile, Harry finds an old potions book that used to belong to someone called "The Half-Blood Prince".

The pacing in this film is really well done. The movie is around two-and-a-half-hours long, but it doesn't feel that long. In fact, the movie went by faster than I expected.

Danial Radcliffe as Harry has certainly improved his acting in this film. And Alan Rickman is also great (when does Alan Rickman NOT give a good performance?).

OVER ALL: This is the best film in the series sense the second film. And it's probably the best film so far this summer. Check it out!

G-MAN gives "Harry Potter 6" an "Awesome Nine" out of "Ten"!